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Mets Non-Tendered Targets: Mitchell Boggs

Major League Baseball’s non-tender deadline was last night, and the Mets chose to non-tender five players. As a result, the team now has just 35 players on its 40-man roster, which means there’s plenty of room for acquiring new players. Enter the rest of baseball’s recently-non-tendered free agents.


Early in his career, Mitchell Boggs struggled with walks, but he was an effective bullpen arm once he got them under control. From 2010 through 2012, Boggs threw 201.1 innings for the Cardinals and posted a 3.08 ERA and 124 ERA+ with 7.1 strikeouts per nine and 3.1 walks per nine. This year, however, his walk rate skyrocketed, and he threw just 23.1 innings with the Cardinals and, after a trade, the Rockies with an 8.10 ERA in total.

In his best years, Boggs threw his fastball at an average of at least 95 miles per hour, but his velocity dipped to an average of 93.5 in 2013. Perhaps Boggs won’t ever regain his 2010-2012 form, but he’s not that far removed from major league success. Given the general volatility of relief pitchers, he's another buy-low candidate who could help the Mets improve a bullpen that has been one of the worst in the league in each of the past few seasons.