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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 44

In the "Blastings Thrilledge" edition, Jeffrey and Rob spend twenty minutes talking about a player who was non-tendered by the New York Mets five minutes after they finished recording. They are good at podcasting (also, prognosticating). Before that though, Rob bids a fond farewell to JV1 for some reason, while Jeffrey rants about Edgardo Alfonzo being left off the Hall of Fame ballot again. Then the hosts discuss potential holiday bargains for Sandy and co. and answer an e-mail about MLB farm systems. Somewhere in there Jeffrey says that there's no way the Mets will non-tender Justin Turner because he was in their Christmas card this year. Ah well, it was one of those shows.

Run Time: 1:10:29

In this episode:

Rob has a sad about JV1.

Lastings Milledge is coming off a down year, buy low!

Jeffrey has some complaints about the Hall of Fame ballot.

Did we want Jacque Jones or Matt Murton?

Stocking stuffers for Sandy and co.

Rob is obsessed with the Baltimore Orioles.

We spend a lot of time talking about Justin Turner as a 2014 shortstop, which probably will not happen.

Ex-Prospect of the Week Juan Lagares

Breaking News that is no longer breaking

Why we have farm systems?

"I figured everybody in the Christmas card video was safe."

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