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Best Of 2013: Amazin' Avenue community discussion

As we put the 2013 calendar year to bed, we ask you to recognize some of your favorite moments from the past year at Amazin' Avenue.

Alan Crowhurst

For me, the one thing that makes Amazin' Avenue special is the persistence of our community. I don't mean its persistence in raising the level of discourse or making light of bad situations (usually via MS Paints or animated GIFs). I'm really just talking about this community's persistence in being here, with us, with one another, irrespective of what the Mets are doing, have done, or are about to do. Most of us are here because of our mutual interest in—some would say love for, obsession with, or compulsion towards—the Mets. That's what brings us together, holds our attention, and keeps us connected, often despite our better judgment, with this team and organization that, regardless of our backgrounds or upbringings, our birth places or current residences, we can't help but love.

Sentimental throat-clearing aside, we'd like you to help us wrap up 2013 by digging back through the archives and nominating some of your favorite moments from the past year. This is fairly informal, and is really about remembering what we've done together since the ball dropped to signal the end of 2012. I encourage you to use the comments in as structured or meandering a way as you like.

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(The full site archive can be found here.)

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