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Mets Morning News: Tanaka sweepstakes persist, Piazza can't really be snubbed for the Hall, can he?

Your Monday morning dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

He's a Hall of Famer regardless.
He's a Hall of Famer regardless.
Al Bello

Meet the Mets

Dan Shaughnessy's Hall of Fame ballot is bound to annoy or affirm, depending on how you view things. Danny Abriano of Rising Apple is more in my camp. (I will add my rant in the comments.)

Around the Majors

Is Masahiro Tanaka Arizona bound? Possibly, but the new posting system allows for more anonymity among teams, so even the Red Sox can "enter quietly".

Enjoy the November 16, 2006 Baseball Prospectus article written by Joe Sheehan on Daisuke Matsuzaka. For what it is worth, almost all of BP's archives from 1997-2010 are free.

Chris Moran of Beyond the Box Score ponders why more teams aren't interested in Will Middlebrooks, given the dearth of right handed power bats available this offseason.

Luis Valbuena may be the Cubs' starting third baseman next season.

John Sickels posted his preliminary prospect list for the Red Sox.

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