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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 47

Rumors of the podcast's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, we are back with the "Tak2: Electric Boogaloo" edition. After a kind of unscheduled holiday break (#blameComcast), Rob and Jeffrey have a lot of news to catch up on. First, the hosts sing the praises of fat pitchers and wonder what the Mets might actually get for Ike Davis. Next, it's time to breakdown the Rule 5 draft results! Then we discuss what we are looking forward to in Metsland in 2014 before switching over to our sister broadcast, Shorstop Avenue Audio, to answer your e-mails.

Run Time: 1:41:35

In this week's episode:

Rob's been reading about James Madison.

Jeffrey's gone through internet withdrawl.

The aesthetic properties of Bartolo Colon.

The financial reality of Bartolo Colon.

Where will Ike Davis be hitting big dongs next season?

How Sandy negotiates deals.

Rob likes Chris McGuinness.

Jeffrey is going to talk about the Rule 5 draft to help justify last Summer's trip to Kingsport.

Jeffrey is not the most deadline-oriented writer at Amazin' Avenue.

What we are looking forward to in 2014 (Brandon Nimmo, the bullpen, Jenrry Mejia's hair/health/but mostly hair, Youppi!)

All your shortstops e-mails. All of them. Stop sending us shortstop e-mails.

Crushing your Jurickson Profar dreams.

These e-mails are beginning to have an impact on our running time...

Why the Mets talk crap about their players in the media.

Why does Ike Davis get more of a pass for 2013 than Ruben Tejada?

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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in next week for another year of podcasts that you keep listening to for some reason. Hopefully, we will be less rusty.