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Mets Rumors: The Yankees are out on Stephen Drew

The 30-year-old shortstop won't be playing in the Bronx in 2014.


The Stephen Drew market has begun to thin out. According to Peter Gammons, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said his team will not be signing Drew. The Yankees were rumored to have interest, but their situation needed further "clarity." Given their luxury tax situation, employment of Derek Jeter, glut of infielders, and their focus on Masahiro Tanaka, a Drew signing was never likely for them.

Since turning down the Red Sox' qualifying offer back in November, Drew's market has been slow to develop. A return to the Boston seems Drew's most likely option at this point, with the caveat being that they may only offer him a one-year deal.

The Mets, the other team that has been linked to Drew in rumors, have been sending out mixed signals about their interest. Mets assistant general manager J.P. Ricciardi said in a radio interview last week that the Mets would be happy with Ruben Tejada as their shortstop in 2014. However, they were still engaged in talks with Drew's agent, Scott Boras, three days ago.

Drew hit .253/.333/.443 with a 109 wRC+ and posted 3.4 fWAR in 124 games for the Red Sox in 2013.