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Reaction Roundup: The Mets' Curtis Granderson Signing

What do people have to say about the Curtis Granderson signing?

Al Bello

The Mets signed outfielder Curtis Granderson to a four-year, $60 million deal earlier today. Here are some reactions to the move:

  • Dan Szymborski, the creator of the ZIPS projection system, said he expects Granderson to hit .237/.322/.444 (While the tweet says .273, he later corrected this to .237) in 2013 and put up 2.4 WAR. However, he added that he would take the over on the projection because "ZiPS may in fact be underestimating Granderson's playing time. It knows ‘Broken bone arm’ not specifically forearm." Szymborski also said that he expects Granderson to put up 7.9 WAR over the life of the contract, meaning that the Mets would be paying about $7.6 million per win.
  • Eno Sarris of Fangraphs wrote that the deal is a reasonable one, adding that Granderson "fills a desperate need for the Mets" and "Given his tools, he should age fairly gracefully."
  • John Sickels of Minor League Ball wrote that he expects "a moderate rebound at age 33" but not a full return to what he produced in his peak seasons."
  • Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog stated "I like Granderson, I don’t love him." He added that he’s glad "Sandy Alderson kept it reasonable" and that "I like that [Granderson] knows New York City."
  • Michael Baron of MetsBlog commented that "this is a deal the Mets had to make" as it "helps change the the [sic] narrative"
  • Maggie Wiggin, also of MetsBlog, wrote that "Granderson isn’t a perfect player, but this was a move that had to be made."
  • Marc Carig, the Mets beat writer for Newsday, tweeted that this was a "Huge get for the Mets, who badly needed Granderson’s power in the outfield."
  • Joe Sheehan of Sports Illustrated responded to tweets by saying "Grandy looks more like Bay to me" and that this was a "pointless signing."
  • Brian Kenny of MLB Network tweeted that the deal "just seems like one year too many."