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What number will Curtis Granderson wear with the Mets?

There are a couple of different uniform options for Curtis Granderson to wear with the Mets. Which will he choose?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Curtis Granderson wore number 14 with the Yankees, but the Mets retired that number for Gil Hodges, so he won’t wear it now. There are a couple of other logical possibilities for the veteran outfielder.

The most probable number is 28. That’s the number Granderson wore with the Detroit Tigers and in the minors, and it was only because Joe Girardi was wearing it that he didn’t when he joined the Yankees. Of course, 28 is currently worn by Daniel Murphy, and he’s been wearing it for quite awhile. It’s not out of the question that he could give it up for his newly acquired teammate, and while Murphy does seem like the type willing to do that, there is no guarantee he will. There is also the possibility that Murphy gets traded, which would almost clinch Curtis taking the number.

Granderson wore 26 in his first season with the Tigers since 28 was occupied by Greg Norton. I don’t know if that was Granderson’s pick or just a number the organization assigned him in the interim, but 26 is available for the Mets. The Mets' new outfielder could choose some combination of 28, like doubling it for 56. That’s Scott Rice’s number riight now, but I doubt a reliever in his second year would balk much at giving up a number. Granderson could flip 28 for 82, but that is probably way too high for an outfielder. 82 has never been worn by a Mets player, and flipping 14 isnt possible since 41 is retired for Tom Seaver.

Perhaps Granderson could choose 81, the year he was born. Prince Fielder, who wore 28 with the Tigers after Curtis, took number 84 for his birth year when he was traded to the Texas. Wearing 18 would be a good choice, too. Darryl Strawberry did great things as a Mets outfielder wearing 18, and it’d be a comfortable image for Mets fans.

My personal choice would be for Granderson to wear 24. I understand all the Willie Mays angles, but the idea of a pseudo-retired number is silly. I still think the Mets should have given Travis d’Arnaud 8, and not just because I think 15 should have been held back pending the retirement and Hall of Fame induction of Mets great Carlos Beltran. Have Granderson ask Mays for permission, make a big deal about the storied history of the New York Giants and Mays’s time with the Mets, give him 24, and let's move on.

We’ll find out which number Curtis Granderson has on his back soon enough. My best guess is it’s 50-50 that he wears 28, with 26 being the runner-up, but perhaps he’ll throw us a curveball and pick something weird like 10 or 00.