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Mets Spring Training Coverage — What Would You Like To See From Amazin' Avenue?

In three weeks, I'll be spending six days at Mets spring training and sharing the trip with you. What would you like to see?

Photo: Rob Castellano

On February 21, I'll be making my first-ever trip to Mets spring training, and I'll be sharing the experience here on Amazin' Avenue. Like Rob Castellano in years past, I'll have access to the team's workouts and games. I'll be in Port St. Lucie for six days, and I'm pretty damn excited.

I could try to get as many players as possible to say, "I'm in the best shape of my life." I'm up for a discussion of burritos with Zack Wheeler. Perhaps I'll even attempt to explain "TRAID" to David Wright. No matter what, I'll be taking tons of photos and as much video as the Mets and my camera will allow.

The Mets' beat reporters do an outstanding job of reporting news, and I'm hoping not to duplicate that sort of thing if at all possible. So, Amazin' Avenue readers, is there anything specific you'd like to see here from those six days?