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Mets Morning News: The Three Sweetest Words In The English Language Are Pitchers And Catchers



Meet the Mets

Pitchers. And. Catchers. You guys. Sure, there may not be a lot of hot position battles or anything at Spring Training (Who will be the Mets' second lefty out of the pen? Who?), but baseball, you guys, baseball.

And of course it wouldn't be Spring Training unless someone was in the best shape of their life. This year it's Reese Havens. Which granted, isn't that high of a bar to leap over.

The New York Post helpfully leaked some details from the new Mike Piazza autobiography. It says pretty much what you thought it would say. Assuming of course, you thought Piazza was regularly calling up Mike and the Mad Dog to complain that Omar was signing too many Latin players.

And finally, Greg Prince finally finds a use for Brian Schneider, or at least his chardonnay. Sorry, schardonnay. I vaguely recall owning a bottle of Santana's Select back when it came out. I don't even vaguely recall if it was any good though.

Yesterday at AA

It was Lenny Dykstra's birthday yesterday, Brock Mahan celebrated.

Around MLB penned their own purple paean to the beginning of Spring.

Eric Nusbaum and Craig Robinson wrapped up their coverage of the Caribbean Series over at Sports on Earth. I highly recommend making your way through the entire series of articles.

Some controversy is brewing around the Felix Hernandez extension. Reports are that the deal is being delayed by an elbow issue that was found during the physical, but Jack Z is denying that there's any such issue.

The Cubs have made their two-year deal with Scott Hairston official and DFA'd Tony Campana to make room on the 40-man. There seemed to be a bit of a wellspring on twitter around signing Campana, but outside of his ability to steal bases, he doesn't bring much to the table. The Mets don't really need a glorified pinch runner on top of the other six outfielders they'll be carrying.

FanGraphs posted the ZiPS projections for the Boston Red Sox.

Bill Baer ranks the top five infields in major league baseball. Not listed, the New York Mets.

And finally, I'll just present this without comment.