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Cleveland Indians Sign Michael Bourn To Four-Year, $48 Million Deal

Michael Bourn won't be manning center field for the Mets.


The Cleveland Indians have signed center fielder Michael Bourn to a four-year, $48 million deal with a vesting option that could kick in and make it a five-year, $60 million deal, according to Jon Heyman. And so ends the Mets' pursuit of the speedy outfielder and the saga regarding the team's first-round pick in the upcoming amateur draft.

For the past few weeks, Bourn had been a big story for the Mets, particularly as the team publicly acknowledged its interest in the player and the lack of clarity regarding Major League Baseball's potential ruling on the protection of the eleventh overall pick in the draft.

The Mets were apparently in negotiations with Bourn until he ultimately signed with Cleveland, but it's for the best that they didn't sign him to a long term deal at $12 million per year. On a shorter deal for fewer dollars per year, Bourn was a desirable piece and a definite upgrade to the Mets' outfield. But the deal he got from Cleveland is too high, and the Mets should be able to find wiser ways to spend their money next winter.