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Michael Bourn is not walking through that door as he signed with the Indians for four years. But hey, we still have Zack Wheeler!


Meet the Mets

The big news from yesterday is the Mets missing out on Michael Bourn. The free agent centerfielder signed with the Indians for a four-year, 48 million dollar deal with the dreaded fifth year vesting option. So looks like the Mets will roll with Nieuwengill in center, barring a trade of some sort.

Man, I could really use a distraction from that bad news. What's that you say? Someone is going to be reporting late to Spring Training? Yeah, that'll do I guess. Maybe Terry Collins will actually wrestle that bear this year.

We've talked pretty thoroughly about the Mike Piazza book, but I would like to respectfully disagree with Calcaterra and give Piazza some props for having the balls to go to a Buckethead-era Guns & Roses show.

Sports on Earth takes a look at the odd relationship that Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner have struck up since 1986.

Zack Wheeler is ready you guys. Zack Wheeler also won't be up until June or so due to service time considerations. Sorry, Zack. Vegas in April isn't so bad. Though given the health concerns with the Mets rotation, I suppose it's not impossible we see him before then.

Tim Byrdak's rehab is running ahead of schedule, and he thinks he will be ready to pitch by July 1st. That's probably right on target for when Terry Collins will blow out Josh Edgin's arm, so perfect!

And in the actual most important news of the day (I know, I know, burying the lead), Daniel Herrera has cut his hair. Man, between this and trading Nickeas, the 2013 Mets are just bereft of awesome hair. It's all up to you, Kirk.

Yesterday at AA

We launched our official Amazin' Avenue fantasy baseball leagues for 2013.

Rob Castellano examined Jonathan Mayo's Top 20 Mets Prospect List.

The Mets bade farwell to Ray Knight on this date in 1987.

And Chris McShane looked at the Mets PECOTA projection for 2013. 80 wins?! Supercomputer Monte Carlo simulations are false hustle.

Around MLB

Dave Cameron declared the ten worst moves of the offseason. No Mets moves, which is what happens when you don't actually make any moves. Sandy is a genius.

The "truth" starts to come out about Trevor Bauer. Whatever, the Diamondbacks knew what they were getting when they drafted him, and they still sold low on him.

Looks like Brian McCann won't be ready for opening day, while Steven Strasburg will be and is ready to throw 200 innings.

And finally, our own Eno Sarris interviews Ryan Volgelsong. If Eno really wants to make it in the BBWAA, he needs to start talking more about pitcher wins and less about FIP though.