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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 7

In Episode 7, Jeffrey, Rob, and Mike discuss the Mets that will be manning the corners in 2013. Should Wright get the ‘C?’ Do we platoon Ike Davis? Is Wilmer Flores an outfielder? (No) All these questions will be answered. (seriously, he’s not an outfielder) Then Rob and Jeffrey answer your e-mails about Jeurys Familia and what the Mets have to do to make the playoffs in 2013.

Run Time- 83:41

0:00- Power chords, you guys

1:26- David Wright contract discussion

6:15- Wright in 2013

11:00- Oh captain, my captain?

12:21- Rob needs an intervention for his authentic-jersey-purchasing habit.

14:21- Ike Davis is in the best shape of his life?

18:48- Is Ike Davis the Mets first baseman in 2015?

26:45- Wilmer Flores is taking groundballs at second base, God help us all.

33:00- Should the Mets consider platooning Ike Davis?

37:45- Rob and PECOTA both like Zach Lutz.

41:27- Jeffrey reads Josh Satin's PECOTA projection on air, because of course he does.

43:17- Rob foolishly asks Jeffrey for a scouting report on Josh Satin.

45:00- We give our 2013 projections for Wright and Davis.

52:20- Listener e-mail!

53:20- The future of Jeurys Familia/Vegas rotation in 2013

1:00:45- A long aside about Mark Cohoon. (This is what happens when you let the prospect guys host your podcast)

1:06:06- What do the Mets need to do to make the playoffs?

1:16:45- What Met will surprise us in 2013?

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Don't forget to send us e-mail questions at and tune in next week when we continue our positional previews with the men that will don the tools of ignorance in 2013.