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Mets Morning News: All The Darin Gorski News That Is Fit To Post

The Mets have announced probable pitchers for Spring Training games! Baseball, you guys! Plus, Justin Turner might be on the TRAID block, and more Zoolander references than you can shake a stick at.


Meet the Mets

According to a source "acquainted with the team's plans" (apparently they are in one of the plans' circles on Google+), the Mets might consider shopping Justin Turner this Spring. Makes sense, Turner can't play shortstop even once a week, and the Mets have a surplus of options for bench players at the corner spots. Now what exactly Turner brings back other than a bit of 40-man flexibility, I'm not so sure. Maybe Eric Young is still available.

The Mets already have their first casualty of the Spring, as Daniel Murphy strained an intercostal muscle and will head to New York for tests. At least he avoided the dreaded oblique scourge this year. Murph'd only expected to miss a week or so. So you know what that means, next stop: 60-day DL.

Johan Santana will not pitch for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classi this year. Smart for all parties really. Although there's not much evidence that WBC players get hurt more than non-WBC players, who knows how many bullets Santana has left in his arm.

Spring Training games start on Saturday, and you'll get to see some serious pitching prospects live on SNY as Zack Wheeler, Cory Mazzoni and Darin Gorski are all slated to take the mound. Obviously the real draw here is Darin Gorski. GORSKI! The pitchers have been announced for the SNY game on the 25th as well. Of course, I'm one of those nutjobs that is annoyed the game on the 24th against University of Michigan isn't televised, because I miss out on seeing Hansel Robles and Rafael Montero.

Speaking of Robles, Paul Depodesta chatted with Adam Rubin about the ex-Cyclone. D3PO didn't say all that much of substance (as is his way), but the club seems very, very high on the Dominican righthander. Wouldn't be surprised if he skips right to St. Lucie this year.

Terry Collins really, really wants to name David Wright captain, you guys. I think this probably happens before Opening Day.

Over at FanGraphs, JD Sussman debuts with a piece comparing Noah Syndergaard with his old Lansing rotation mate, Aaron Sanchez.

Howard Megdal wonders just how excited the Mets should be about Marlon Byrd. I assume that's a rhetorical question Howard. Or else, have you not heard...about the word.

Wrapping up our tuesday morning Mets news, there's a new Mostly Mets Podcast. Huzzah! In related news, we'll be taping Episode 8 of Amazin' Avenue Audio, so if you have any Mets questions for Rob, Michael, or myself, send them along to

Yesterday at AA

Deadspin's own Sam Page had some strong words about #sandysmess.

While Michael Donato thought there were some reasons for optimism in 2013.

James K wanted to know what you all think about John Buck.

Rob Castellano thought 2013 could be a big year for Jordany Valdespin.

And Brock Mahan celebrated an octet of birthdays on This Day in Mets History.

Around MLB

It's not going to be quite as weird seeing Pelf in a Twins jersey as it is R.A. in Blue Jays duds (though those Twins Spring Training unis are eyesores), but I still wish the big ol' lug well in the Twin Cities.

In News of the Weird, Russell Martin will play shortstop, a position he hasn't manned since college, for Canada in the World Baseball Classic. This seems like a recipe for an injury to me.

Normally, I wouldn't bother linking to a trade as minor as Jose Campana for a couple of low, low minors arms, however, the deal introduced me to the wonders of the @FacebookCubs twitter account. Amazed someone hasn't made one for the Mets yet.

Rob Neyer would like to remind you that Nate Silver does not hate your favorite team. Also, Nate Silver hasn't done the PECOTA projections in four years. And here's the Dave Cameron article Neyer references for your perusal.

BREAKING: Pedro Martinez might have hit a few dudes with baseballs on purpose.

Josh Hamilton took some shots at Rangers fans on his way out of town. At least he didn't post Mike Napoli's cell phone number.

Former Mets prospect Mike Carp may be on the move this week. In related news, Mike Carp was once like a Top 10 Mets prospect. #omarsteam

And finally, Joe Maddon just hopes his team looks hot this year.