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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 8

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This week marks a return engagement for Mike and Rob. First, we answer your e-mails about Jeurys Familia, Spring Training, and the 2014 outfield free agents. Next, we discuss February storylines in camp and Sam Page’s column on #sandysmess. Finally, we wrap things up with a discussion of the 2013 Mets catching situation, even though none of us really want to talk about John Buck.

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Run Time- 1:30:28


0:00: Introduction

1:06: Listener e-mails

1:30: But first, how the heck do you pronounce "Jeurys"

2:57: Could Familia ever be a starter?

7:15: How about those 2014 free agent outfielders?

20:40: #BlameBeltran again?

26:00: Jeffrey can't read his notes properly.

26:56: Things to do in Port St. Lucie when it's Spring.

30:50: Opening Day tickets?

34:35: Stubhub is awesome, you guys.

35:50: TRAID Justin Turner?

37:33: Rob puts himself in Eric's doghouse.

44:30: That Hansel is so hot right now.

52:00: Is 2013 really #sandysmess?

1:01:40: Will Sandy every pull the trigger on an outfielder?

1:12:00: The 2013 Mets catchers a.k.a. John Buck is on the Mets.

1:16:00: Rather than talk about John Buck, we talk about hockey-goalie-style catcher masks.

1:18:25: And now we talk about the Lake Elsinore Storm instead.

1:18:45: But here's Travis d'Arnaud!

1:24:45: Our ETA for d'Arnaud.

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Don't forget to send us e-mail questions at and tune in next week when we discuss the Mets starting pitching and kick off our 2013 NL East previews.