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Jenrry Mejia Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris

The Dominican righthander has sorted out his visa issues and should be in camp in a few days.


Jenrry Mejia is not Keyser Soze, Leo Nunez, or Roberto Hernandez. He is in fact, Jenrry Mejia. He is also still twenty-three years old. So with that whole rigmarole out of the way, Mejia will be able to travel to camp and finally claim his place as the eighth-inning reliver that is the difference between the Mets winning now, rather than three years from now.

All kidding aside, Mejia was rumored to have the inside track at R.A. Dickey's rotation spot after the knuckleballer was dealt this past offseason, but the signing of Shaun Marcum probably pushes Mejia to Las Vegas to open the 2013 season. After returning in late Spring from his 2011 Tommy John surgery, Mejia threw 108 innings across the balance of the 2012 season, striking out 63 and walking 38. Control issues plagued him in his brief major league cup of coffee, and he struggled to miss minor league bats. Mejia should get a bit of a pass for his somewhat rough 2012, but now almost a full two years removed from his surgey, 2013 will be important season for the former top prospect.

Also per Rubin, Mejia has been working out in the Mets' Dominican training facility, so he shouldn't have too much catching up to do, but that probably won't stop Terry Collins from getting mad about this anyway.