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Mets Spring Training Video: Matt Harvey, Jon Niese, and Greg Burke

Video of three of the Mets' pitchers at spring training on February 22, 2013.

Chris McShane

Day two at spring training has been a bit different than day one. The Mets stretched and worked out as a team this morning, but much of the focus on the day was on the five inning intrasquad game that wrapped up a little before two o'clock. Wilmer Flores hit a home run in the game and almost hit a second, and Jordany Valdespin hit one, too. Greg Burke made an appearance, and if you were wondering what his funky sidearm delivery looked like, well, here you go.

As you can see, Burke's delivery isn't anything like that of Chad Bradford, whose delivery was one of the more memorable quirky part of recent Mets history.

Earlier today, Matt Harvey and Jon Niese throwing bullpen sessions at the same time, and I was able to get some video of that, too. After hearing about the delay in Johan Santana's spring training schedule, seeing these two pitch at the same time was something of a relief.