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Mo Vaughn's 505-Foot Home Run At Shea Stadium On June 26, 2002

Heading into play on June 26, 2002, Mo Vaughn, whom the Mets had acquired the previous offseason for Kevin Appier, was hitting just .230/.327/.327. The trade for Vaughn, who had missed all of 2001 with the Angels due to injury, was preceded by a now-infamous visit by Mets brass to Vaughn's home in Connecticut. During that visit, GM Steve Phillips was reportedly persuaded to deal for Vaughn after an apparently impressive hitting display — off of a tee.

None of that mattered, for at least a few moments, on the night of June 26. Vaughn, having homered earlier in the game against Tom Glavine, stood at the plate against Braves reliever Kevin Gryboski and on an 0-1 count hit one of the longest home runs in Shea Stadium history. The ball struck the giant Budweiser sign, a spot about three-quarters of the way up the gigantic right-center-field scoreboard, an estimated 505 feet from home plate.

Most fans on hand for the blast will have forgotten that the Mets lost the game, 6-3, but the memory of Vaughn's majestic home run have hardly faded.