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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 9

This week on Up and In Amazin' Avenue Audio, Jeffrey and Rob chat about the Mets starting pitching, Chris McShane reports on Mets Spring Training, and Chris Blessing of Bullpen Banter gives us the inside scoop on Rafael Montero. Plus, your FDA daily recommended amount of Cowgill. (but no more)

Hope you have a long commute!

Run Time: 2:00:08


0:00- Musical Intro

1:45- Jeffrey has been listening to I'm Your Man a lot lately.

2:15- Much Ado about Santana.

6:58- Was Santana tipping his pitches?

7:50- Jeffrey completely forgets that John Buck was on the Marlins last year.

9:30- What can Mets fans really expect from Santana in 2013?

11:15- If Santana isn't ready for Opening Day, who gets the call?

18:27- How good can Matt Harvey be?

24:20- Harvey vs. Wheeler, redux.

26:00- A discussion of Mets facial hair.

28:45- A breakout year for Dillon Gee?

33:40- Jon Niese is also a pitcher on the 2013 Mets.

37:35- Jeffrey comps Niese to Gio Gonzalez (N.B. Jeffrey already regrets this).

40:45- Rob thinks Niese makes a pretty good trade chip.

46:15- Anybody else want to start for the 2013 Mets?

51:21- It's the overnight hour with Chris McShane.

52:35- Chris' memories of Port St. Lucie.

53:57- Domingo Tapia throws hard, you guys.

55:33- Rafael Montero is upworthy.

57:50- Chris makes his 2013 King of Spring Training (KOST!) prediction.

59:15- What to do in Port Saint Lucie.

1:00:33- Jeffrey wants the scouting report on the Mets bowling team.

1:03:00- Dos and Don'ts of Spring Training.

1:07:08- Chris Blessing of Bullpen Banter gives us the lowdown on Rafael Montero.

1:10:30- What makes Montero stand out among other backend Top 100 prospect candidates?

1:15:05- How will Montero take to AA?

1:19:17- Chris' projection of Rafael Montero.

1:23:00- Josh Satin gets mentioned (but not by Jeffrey!)

1:24:53- Chris has praise for Michael Fulmer as well.

1:30:47- Chris talks about formulating a prospect list.

1:35:00- Ranking players you've seen versus players you haven't.

1:40:30- Letting go of your first opinion of a player.

1:47:55- E-mail time!

1:50:05- Jeffrey derails the podcast again to talk about bowling.

1:51:29- Does one actually need more Cowgill?

1:55:43- A new slogan for

1:57:30- Amazin' Avenue has t-shirts, you guys.

1:58:00- And don't forget about the Amazin' Avenue Regional Gathering Here, this Saturday at The Ginger Man in Manhattan.

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