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Mets Morning News: Marcum Pulled From Rotation, Feliciano Cleared To Return

New York Mets related news and links for February 28, 2013


The Mets lost to the Cardinals yesterday by a 12-4 score, and the full box score can be found here.

Pedro Feliciano has received medical clearance to return to baseball activities, and he'll be wearing a heart rate monitor for the next several weeks. I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that this is the last he's bothered by this issue.

Zack Wheeler made sure to apologize to Terry Collins for ending up injured. Collins continued to seem impressed with Wheeler's attitude, and Sandy Alderson didn't seem overly concerned about the injury.

Collins won't have another pitcher available to him immediately, as Shaun Marcum was pulled out of the rotation so that he can strengthen his shoulder. I hope the Mets are being genuine here, and this is not due to an injury.

There was a bunch of noise made when Amway opened up a storefront in Citi Field, and yesterday it came out that they will also be sponsoring the team. Aren't the Mets just fantastic at thinking PR issues through?

FanGraphs had a couple Mets items of note yesterday: a top-15 Mets prospects list and an interview with the currently-sidelined Zack Wheeler.

Yesterday at AA

James continued our community projections series with Lucas Duda.

We've also got an interview with Sandy Alderson, as he held a conference call with several Mets bloggers.