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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 6

Chris McShane pops into the co-host chair this week as Amazin' Avenue Audio Episode 6 previews the Mets 2013 double play combo, wonders whether the lack of a Terry Collins extension is a big deal, and delves into the mystery of minor leaguers and their love of Chipotle.

Run Time- 89:45


0:00: Greek death metal band Wings in Motion plays us on.

1:37: Terry Collins' future with the Mets

5:20: Evaluating the Terry Collins era so far

10:15: If not Terry Collins, then who?

18:23: Joe Maddon is not walking through that door

23:00: Chris is headed to Spring Training

28:50: Zack Wheeler really likes Chipotle

29:47: Did you have 29:47 in the "Jeffrey sneaks in a reference to Josh Satin" Pool? Congratulations!

31:22: More Chipotle discussion

35:00: Bryan Grosnick joins the podcast to talk Tejada/Murphy

41:22: Is this the middle infield on the next Mets playoff team?

48:16: Justin Turner Real Talk

58:04: Should the Mets extend Ruben Tejada?

1:04:16: Our projections for 2013

1:12:45: Listener e-mail

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And don't forget to send us e-mail questions at and tune in next week when we talk Ike Davis and David Wright.