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Mets To Offer Bourn Four Years?

Joel Sherman is reporting that the Mets have discussed offering free agent centerfielder Michael Bourn a four-year contract.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

In a piece for the New York Post this morning, Joel Sherman slipped in the following tidbit:

"Thus, the Mets can discuss a three-year deal for Bourn and hint at willingness to go to a fourth season — as they have done — and once again dare Boras to prove he has someplace else to go."

The Mets had previously indicated a willingness to go to three years for Bourn, while the free agent centerfielder has publicly stuck to his guns, requesting a five-year deal. A four-year deal would be the logical compromise and cover Bourn's age 30-33 seasons. Obviously such a deal would be more palatable at Pagan-like money (40 million), but I would imagine the ultimate dollar figure in such a deal would be closer to Nick Swisher's (56 million, with a fifth year vesting option). And of course once a deal is in place, the Mets still would need to get that 'clarification' from major league baseball about the status of their first round pick in the 2013 draft.

But let's assume MLB is willing to allow the Mets to forfeit their higher second round pick rather than the #11 overall selection. What would you do?