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Mets Morning News: Corey Patterson, Mike Wilson Signed, Mets Still Interested In Bourn

New York Mets related news and links for February 7, 2013

Norm Hall

The Mets may not have much of an outfield next season, but should injury decimate what options we do have, at least we'll have loads of mediocre players to choose from. Two more outfield options were added on minor league deals yesterday, Corey Patterson and Mike Wilson. Neither will be reporting to the Mets major league camp in St. Lucie, so it's highly unlikely that either will be looking at a big league job right away.

The Mets are still interested in signing outfielder Michael Bourn, and may be willing to go as high as four years for the Scott Boras client. There is still the issue of the #11 overall pick in the June draft being at risk by signing the center fielder, but that decision would likely be made by an independent arbitrator.

Terry Collins talked a bit about the bullpen situation, and made it clear that at the moment Frank Francisco will be closing out games for the team. Hooray?

Around Baseball

The biogenesis/PED story saw a few more names become linked to the steroid mess. Jhonny Peralta joined the growing list of players that MLB will have to figure out what to do with.

Escaping the spotlight a bit because of the atrocious behavior of some looking to improve their job performance, Todd Helton did some drunk driving yesterday. Since HGH wasn't found on his person, the probably won't be any sort of media outrage.

Spring training is almost here, but the Caribbean Series is nearing it's conclusion. Mexico will host the Dominican Republic in the championship game tonight.

Yesterday at AA

We already linked you to the articles about all of the exciting developments with the outfield, so there really wasn't a whole lot else going on at Amazin' Avenue yesterday. We did look back at February 6 in Mets' history though.