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Bowden Reports Mets May Not Have To Give Up First Round Pick For Michael Bourn

We may be approaching an endgame for The Bourn Conundrum as Jim Bowden reports that MLB is amenable to protecting the Mets eleventh overall pick.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Jim Bowden of ESPN and XM radio is reporting on twitter that if the Mets sign Michael Bourn, it is likely that MLB will rule that the team will not have to surrender the eleventh overall pick in this year's draft.

This changes the calculus immensely for the Mets. They would still lose the 47th overall pick in this year's draft but that has a slot value of roughly one-half the 11th pick, and the Mets have two second round picks this year as a result of being unable to come to terms with prep pitcher Teddy Stankiewicz in the 2012 draft.

Bowden also reports that Bourn is likely to get a deal with an average annual value of 14 or 15 million dollars, which would mean a contract roughly the same as Nick Swisher's, assuming a four-year deal.