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Mets Morning News: Mets Sign Brandon Lyon, Still Interested In Michael Bourn

New York Mets related news and links for February 8, 2013

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The Mets came to an agreement with Brandon Lyon that will see him take the final open spot on the 40-man roster. I have a hard time seeing how any Mets fan could be upset at the deal, which will pay Lyon a base salary of under 1 million dollars. He and Bobby Parnell ought to be an excellent insurance policy if Frank Francisco continues to be Frank Francisco.

The other big story going on continues to be the Mets' pursuit of outfielder Michael Bourn. The Mets are interested, but don't want to give up the No 11 pick in next season's draft to sign the player. Jim Bowden doesn't think that will end up being an issue. Others, such as Joel Sherman, aren't so sure Bowden is correct. Unfortunately for Mets' fans, Jim Bowden isn't exactly known for being in the loop, so it's probably safer to trust Sherman and others before taking Bowden's word on the matter.

Yesterday at AA

Mark Himmelstein came out of hiding to write a bit about the way Sandy Alderson is handling the Michael Bourn negotiations. Welcome back Mark.

David took our daily look at this date in Mets' history, examining some of the past events of February 7.

Around Baseball

Everyone love watching R.A. Dickey pitch, so everyone should be fairly excited that he seems to be inspiring others to do what he does. The Red Sox have invited a knuckleballer with a low 90's fastball to spring training, and although he's a longshot to make the team, he should be another fun pitcher to watch.

Having gotten some fun Red Sox news out of the way, they had some very negative accusations thrown their way yesterday as well. Curt Schilling has accused the Sox of encouraging him to look into using PEDs, although Curt Schilling just seems like the type of jackass that would make up something like that just to keep himself from being forgotten.

The Mariners agreed with Felix Hernandez to a very large 5-year extension. He might not be R.A. Dickey, but this should still keep one of the best pitchers in the game from reaching the open market any time in the near future.