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Amazin' Avenue 2013 Opening Day Roster Contest

Guess the Mets' Opening Day roster, win a copy of Knuckleball! on DVD!

Opening Day for the 2013 Mets is Monday, April 1. Knuckleball! the movie comes out on DVD on Tuesday, April 2. R.A. Dickey may be tossing those sweet knucklers north of the border now, but we thought it’d still be fun to celebrate both occasions with a contest and giveaway. The contest, as suggested by AA-er Dan Lewis, is simple: predict the Mets’ 25-man Opening Day roster.

The contest runs from 9 AM EDT today (March 11, 2013) through Friday, March 15, 2013 at 5 PM EDT. The five entries with the most correct roster predictions will win a copy of Knuckleball!. Ties will be broken by earliest entry submission timestamp.

The rules are simple:

  1. Entrants must be Amazin’ Avenue users. Go sign up if you don’t yet have an account here.
  2. Spelling and proper capitalization do count. Improper spelling and/or capitalization will be considered an incorrect guess. Note: Spanish accent marks (e.g.) are not required. Travis d’Arnaud’s name should be so spelled.
  3. One entry per person. US residents 18 years of age or older only.
  4. All entries are subject to the official rules, found here.

You can enter using the embedded form below or by completing the form directly here.

Good luck!