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Amazin' Avenue Is Looking For Writers!

Mark McGwire uses an iPad to take a photo of Albert Pujols. I have no idea, either.
Mark McGwire uses an iPad to take a photo of Albert Pujols. I have no idea, either.
Whitney Curtis

As we do occasionally, often at the start of a new season, we’re opening up our roster and recruiting additional editorial staff in the following areas:

  1. Minor league recaps. We have minor league recap openings for Thursday and Friday mornings. These posts are based on a daily template created and maintained by Amazin’ Avenue and feature recaps of the previous night’s games played by the Mets’ minor league affiliates. Notwithstanding the prescribed structure, there is a good deal of editorial freedom within these posts.
  2. News desk. We’re looking for several people who can be available throughout the day to write reasonably short (150+ words) news pieces on items related to the Mets. These might be big or small breaking news stories, roster moves, signings, or anything else Mets-specific. These post are news-y by design, but if you’re good enough at commentary and/or analysis we may let you work in some of that as well.
  3. Editor. A couple of us edit the bulk of the wonderful content churned out by our dozen-or-so regular contributors, and quite frankly we need a hand. You should have some writing and editing experience and a very strong grasp of the English language and the proper usage thereof. You may be assigned content which is pre-publication, post-publication, or both.

You will be required to:

  1. Follow a style guide and prescribed style and grammar rules which we will provide.
  2. Work on a deadline.
  3. Use your real name on the site (we can change your username for you if you desire).

These positions are unpaid at the moment, but if you’re interested in pursuing a career in Internet or sports media, I can assure you that time spent on the editorial staff of SB Nation/Vox Media can look great on a resume. If you’re merely interested in gaining some experience or giving back to the Amazin’ Avenue community, this is a good opportunity to accomplish both of those things as well.

And ladies, please don’t be shy. I realize it might seem like a boys’ club up here, but I’d very much like to add a female voice or two to the staff so by all means fill out an application.

You can fill apply here or via the form embedded below. Cover letters and resumes are not required but are strongly encouraged. Good luck!