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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 11

In Episode 11, Jeffrey and Rob discuss the merits of wearing an athletic protector, the burgeoning UFC career of Oliver Perez, and how we’ve already forgotten that Spring Training stats don’t really mean all that much. Then, Hamilton Bennett joins the podcast to talk about his experience pitching for Great Britain in the World Baseball Classic and his offseason and Spring Training routine. Finally, we wrap things up with some obligatory Zack Wheeler talk.

Run Time: 1:00:40


0:00: Press PLAY

0:53: The Tim Teufel edition

2:00: For all you kids out there, always where your cup.

4:11: Small sample size, small sample sample size.

6:00: The word about Byrd.

7:47: Byrd vs. Baxter

11:45: Captain America!


20:00: The neverending Johan saga.

23:30: Jeffrey is wishy-washy.

27:10: This is what happens when it's a slow news week.

27:52: Our current KOST picks.

29:50: How much does Spring Training actually matter?

34:00: Voros McCracken shout-out.

34:30: Jeffrey googles stuff live on the podcast.

34:55: "You'll never hear me say an ill word about Josh Satin on this podcast."

36:00: Rob has been tracking JV1's March pitches per plate appearance. Who really has the problem here?

38:00: Hamilton Bennett joins the podcast.

38:15: From South Carolina to Team Great Britain.

39:15: Hamilton is not 62nd in line for the British throne.

40:10: Differences between playing in the U.S. and playing in Germany.

42:17: How the WBC changed his offseason routine.

43:30: His normal offseason routine.

45:40: Working an offseason job.

47:20: What minor league camp is like.

49:43: Hamilton on his curveball.

50:25: Goals for 2013.

52:00: More e-mails please.

53:46: What does Wheeler have to show the Mets to get called up?

55:30: The over/under for Wheeler's arrival in Flushing.

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