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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 12

In the Ron Darling edition of the podcast, Rob and Jeffrey break down potential outfield upgrades (well, not all of them, that would take too long) and then make a plea for their favorite fringy prospect to take over at third base if David Wright isn't ready for opening day. We also kick off our 2013 NL East preview with Martin Gandy of Talking Chop and Liz Roscher of The Good Phight.

Run Time: 1:17:14


0:00: Your weekly dose of Greek melodic death metal.

1:52: Rob starts trollin' everyone early.

2:40: Your hosts do not project well as third basemen.

3:15: E-mails/weekly news

4:02: Jeffrey's blunder of the week: The Turn of the Screw is not, in fact, a novel by Henry James.

4:56: Outfielders that can help the Mets outfield (there's a lot of them).

6:00: How much are you willing to give up for an outfield upgrade?

8:10: A rather long discussion about Drew Stubbs.

12:06: A rather long discussion about Craig Gentry (seriously, real games start soon, right?).

15:54: Having Matt Diaz on the same team as Johan Santana and Pedro Feliciano feels like a waste.

16:00: Jeffrey is clearly making up players now.

17:50: Rob lobbies for Zach Lutz.

20:24: Jeffrey agrees, but...


27:00: Fringy prospect smackdown!

30:33: Sometimes luck has everything to do with it.

32:00: This is all a moot point, because Wright will probably be there on opening day.

33:28: Atlanta Barves preview with Martin Gandy of Talking Chop.

34:06: Looking back at the 2012 wild card game.

35:25: Any pressure on the Braves to make a move this past offseason?

37:05: Thoughts on Martin Prado and the Justin Upton trade.

39:25: The future of Jason Heyward.

43:30: The Braves starting pitching going into 2013.

47:55: Any concerns about the bullpen getting overworked again?

49:55: Martin reviews the Fredi Gonzalez tenure in Atlanta.

53:22: The biggest question mark for the 2013 Braves.

54:55: Give us a prediction, Martin.

56:09: Philadelphia Phillies preview with Liz Roscher of The Good Phight.

56:41: What's the deal with Roy Halladay?

58:20: Trolling about Ryan Howard.

1:00:50: A review of the Phillies' offseason.

1:03:10: What does the future hold for Domonic Brown?

1:05:50: Jeffrey is reminded that the Phillies signed Yuniesky Betancourt this past offseason. This makes him smile.

1:07:30: Jeffrey takes the long view and asks about the Phillies in 2015.

1:10:00: Who's getting overlooked on the Phillies?

1:12:25: Troll question: Which will be higher, Phillies win total or Roy Halladay's fastball velocity?

1:13:35: Tyler gets an e-mail in just under the deadline.

1:14:35: The sitrep on Shaun Marcum's shoulder.

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Don't forget to e-mail us questions at and tune in next week for Episode 13 when we'll talk about Wright's captaincy and continue with our NL East previews.