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Mets Morning News: The starting rotation is set but Johan Santana is MIA

Your Saturday morning dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.


Meet the Mets

Jon Niese was solid over five innings, as the Mets rallied to beat the Marlins 4-2. Of course, the four walks weren't terribly encouraging but the bullpen was very solid, tossing four shutout innings to close things out.

The Mets announced their starting rotation for the first few games and it looks like Shaun Marcum will be ready to pitch game two. Johan Santana will not be ready to go and it sounds like it may be a while until his return. Jeremy Hefner, who's had a strong spring after some positive signs last season, will get Johan's spot.

Sandy Alderson says that there will be no outfield reinforcements brought in from the outside. Cross your fingers, everyone.

Toby Hyde continued with his Top 41 prospect list, writing about outfielder Cory Vaughn and starting pitcher Tyler Pill. He also passed along some info from Keith Law on unsigned Mets' 2nd round pick Teddy Stankiewicz.

A new 3D Doppler Radar system has been set up at Tradition Field to track new pitching metrics including a pitcher's extension, exact release point, and the spin they get on their pitches. Pretty cool stuff.

Around the Majors

Bill James wrote that Sabermetricians have overrated groundball pitchers, which Rob Neyer expands on.

Royals Review has an excellent piece on first baseman Eric Hosmer, who looks to be the linchpin of the Royals' offensive hopes for 2013.

A trio of former Mets were released yesterday, as the Royals dropped folk hero Endy Chavez, while the Giants cut Ramon Ramirez and Wilson Valdez. Raise your hand if you'd be open to a minor league deal reunion with Endy (raises hand).

Fangraphs has a snapshot of MLB Team Finances, looking in this piece at the top tier of teams around the league. Not a surprise but the Mets aren't there.

Yesterday At AA

Patrick Flood wrote about Johan Santana's sixth season with the Mets and how the lefty has fallen since his acquisition in 2008.

Brock Mahan looks back at March 22nd in Mets' history.