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Dave Howard leaves Mets for MSG Sports

Longtime Mets executive Dave Howard has left the team to take over at MSG Sports.

Al Bello

Dave Howard, the Mets' longtime executive vice president of business operations, is leaving the team to take over as president of MSG Sports. Promoted to the position almost twenty years ago, Howard was often the Mets' public face when it came to fan relations — namely ticket pricing.

Before last season, Howard announced that the Mets would bring back Banner Day, an event that had been popular among fans in the past and was seemingly in high demand a little more than a year ago. Back in 2011, he participated in a conference call with bloggers, the full transcript of which can be found here, following the Mets' announcement of dynamic ticket pricing. He did the same following the 2010 season, too. And the year before that, it was Howard who announced the Mets would add their own Hall of Fame to the Citi Field.

The teams indicated that a trio of current staffers and owner Jeff Wilpon would absorb Howard's responsibilities.