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Community Projection: Dillon Gee

What kind of season will Dillon Gee have? Provide your own projection.

Chris Trotman

Dillon Gee has struggled this spring, which isn't too big a deal considering the insignificance of spring-training statistics. His clean bill of health is a big deal, though, following his 2012 season which was cut short due to surgery to repair an artery in his pitching shoulder. It was somewhat of a frightening malady; it apparently left his right arm numb. But outside of expected fingertip numbness in cold weather, Gee should be good-to-go this season. It's a relief, both for the Mets' brittle pitching staff and for Gee, a man who makes his living with his right arm.

Prior to his 2012 surgery, Gee was enjoying a decent season. He tossed 109.2 innings, good for an average of about 6.1 innings per start. He improved his strikeout, walk, and ground-ball rates as compared to 2011. Those are the big peripherals, which helped him post a 3.71 FIP. That FIP didn't quite match his 4.10 ERA, and the disparity reminded of Jon Niese's career numbers. A comparison:

Dillon Gee (2012) 4.10 3.71 3.54
Jon Niese (career) 4.06 3.78 3.64

Also, both Gee and Niese throw a 90-mph fastball, were born in 1986, and have mono-syllabic surnames. While doing some light research for this post, I learned that I'm not the only one who thinks the Mets might have a right-handed Jon Niese. Eno Sarris brought it up last month, in a post far more thorough and sabery than this one. Go read it.

The thought of Niese and Gee solidifying the Mets' rotation behind young aces Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler for years to come is -- okay, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. One season at a time. Let's see if Gee can throw 150+ league-averageish innings in 2013. Post your Gee projection in the comments in the same format as below. I'll compare our projections to actual results at season's end.

Dillon Gee

IP: 167
ERA: 3.92
K: 132
BB: 55
HR: 17