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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 13

In Episode 13, Chris and Jeffrey catch up on all the news coming out of camp in the last week. We share our favorite David Wright memories in honor of his captaincy, consider why Zack Wheeler and Travis d'Arnaud will be spending a month in Vegas, and try and predict how the 40-man roster crunch will shake out. Then we discuss who we are looking forward to watching on the 2013 Mets. Finally, Infield Avenue Audio answers all your Mets infield e-mails. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

Run Time: 1:35:33

0:00: Already run out of clever things to put here.

1:28: Oh Captain, my Captain!

3:53: Favorite David Wright memories.

9:51: If Chris McShane was really clutch he would have gone and had beers with David Wright at 3 in the morning, but he didn't so he's NOT!

11:00: Wheeler and d'Arnaud to Triple-A: Economic reasons or baseball reasons?

15:15: Zack Wheeler (does not equal sign) Matt Harvey.

19:12: The RT vault will be full of Wheeler tweets this year.

20:14: HEARD THIS: Travis d'Arnaud is 24-years-old, his career is over.

24:50: In case you missed it, Chris would like to remind you that he interviewed Paul Depodesta this Spring.

25:42: 40-man roster wonkery.

27:07: Poor, poor Reese Havens.

29:18: Jeffrey breaks a cardinal rule of Amazin' Avenue Audio.

30:30: Don't be so quick to ship off Juan Lagares.

31:00: It's almost like the Mets don't have a lot of outfielders.

33:33: The Yankees on the other hand, have all the outfielders.

37:00: Some advantages to being on the 40-man.

38:00: A fit elsewhere for Darin Gorski?

41:03: Why are Gonzalaez Germen and Hansel Robles on the 40-man roster again?

42:20: Final Mets predictions for 2013.

44:06: Jeffrey legitimately believes in Jeremy Hefner.

45:03: While Chris is looking forward to watching Dillon Gee.

47:25: Jeffrey admits that Patrick Flood was right about Gee, still doesn't want to talk about him anymore.

50:47: Obligatory discussion of Bobby Parnell's beard.

52:07: In case you didn't know, Jeffrey is marrying a classical composer.

54:00: Jeffrey will be watching Ruben Tejada closely this year.

56:24: The first (and hopefully not last) mention of "meaningful games in September" on the podcast.

57:23: Infield Avenue Audio e-mail segement

58:00: What is the best offensive infield in Mets history?

1:02:40: Chris reminisces about Carlos Delgado.

1:03:20: Jeffrey stops the podcast to troll Rob, who's not even here this week.

1:05:44: Oh yeah, Delgado killed it in the 2006 playoffs as well.

1:08:52: Do the Mets have the best infield in the NL East?

1:15:30: No.

1:17:50: Damn, the Nationals are loaded.

1:18:05: Yankees vs. Mets: Who has the brighter future?

1:28:38: Jeffrey will answer this question again in one year, no sooner.

1:29:15: John Buck's catcher mask.

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