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Johan Santana's shoulder capsule is torn again

You've seen the last of Johan Santana in a Mets uniform and, perhaps, as a baseball player.


Things weren't looking great for Johan Santana in spring training this year, but the big news this evening is that he has re-torn his shoulder capsule in his left shoulder and may require another surgery on it. This is almost certainly the end of Santana's time with the Mets, and perhaps it marks the end of his big league career.

Acquired by the Mets before the 2008 season, Santana was excellent that year but struggled to stay on the field in each season since then, missing all of 2011 and most of last season following his first surgery for the same torn capsule in his pitching shoulder.

If this is it for Johan, his career was outstanding but relatively brief. He became a full-time starting pitcher at age 25, and now at age 34, he very well may have thrown his last pitch.

The kicker here for the Mets is that, according to Sandy Alderson, Santana's contract is not insured. The team will therefore still be on the hook for the $31 million he is owed.