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Mets Morning News: Kirk Hurt, Santana Annoyed, #LOLMets Forever

The Mets fell to the Marlins in Jupiter, but that's to be expected since there's no scout on the planet that thinks they are a better team than the Marlins. Also, Johan Santana throws off a mound again, and Mike Trout is probably not being paid commensurate to his value.

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2013 KOST?
2013 KOST?

Twenty-four hours after the Mets mounted a furious comeback against the Marlins, Miami returned the favor, turning a 4-0 deficit into a 6-4 win for the bad guys in Jupiter, Florida. Of more importance is the bruised knee for Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who was injured on a stolen base attempt during the game. No word yet on how long he will be out for, but in the interim you can probably anticipate...sigh...more Cowgill.

But hey, there's good news as well. After a 1-2 afternoon with two walks, Josh Satin is second on the team in OPS this Spring at 1.557 and is staking his claim to the 2013 King of Spring Training crown. There's just one slight problem...

And hey, if yesterday's game has you feeling a bit down, here's Adam Rubin to cheer you up! Wait, that doesn't sound right. I don't mean cheered up. What do I mean? Ah yes, be a total killjoy. Yep, that's what I meant to write.

Continuing our LOLMETS theme, Johan Santana tossed a light bullpen session after Sandy Alderson implied a bit of annoyance at Sanatan's offseason regimen, or lack thereof.

Terry Collins is managing this season without a contract for 2014, but he hopes to be around for a while. I don't think the lack of an extension is a huge deal, but as long as it's an open question, there will be plenty more pieces like Klapisch's to come.

Wrapping up our Mets links for Monday morning, Jason Fry comps himself to LaTroy Hawkins at Faith and Fear in Flushing.

Yesterday at AA

It was Jorge Julio's birthday yesterday. In related news, the author now remembers that Jorge Julio was once a Met and has been struck by a profound sense of ennui.

Around MLB

Mike Trout has a brand new contract for 2013. One year, $510,000. Ah the wonders of team control. Trout seems to be taking it okay. Unsurprisingly, his agent is not as enthused.

We're probably past the sell-by date for "In the Best Shape of his Life" stories, so time to move on to "Pitcher added a new pitch this offseason" stories. Ernesto Frieri sets the bar high this Spring, as he apparently has added TWO new pitches.

In news that seems like it would be a plot device in a Major League film (weren't they supposed to make a fourth one?), Wil Ohman was cut during a spring training game by the Nationals.

And finally Baseball Prospectus is holding a contest to name the podcast that will replace the much-beloved Up and In Podcast. The new podcast will feature Jason Parks and XMRadio's Mike Ferrin, and will probably include rants about Cincinnati chili.