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Mets Morning News: Mets Probably Not Going To Win Grapefruit League Title

The Mets lose another exhibition game, the New York Post thinks Johan Santana is agitated, and Toby makes a Zoolander reference in regards to Hansel Robles. Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future.


Meet the Mets

The Braves continue to have the Mets number in March games that don't actually count for anything. With the loss the Mets fall to 2-5-3 and are perilously close to the bottom of the Grapefruit League (and probably the Patrick Divsion as well).

In sunnier news, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who left Sunday's game with a bruised knee, should only miss about a week of Spring Training action. Looks like Bonesaw found himself a pretty good sawbones.

The Johan Santana saga continues as the 'agitated' lefty tossed another bullpen session yesterday. Meanwhile, Howard Megdal thinks we've seen this movie before. This feels like the kind of story that will be forgotten by April 15th, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Toby Hyde of Mets Minor League Blog saw Hansel Robles pitch this past weekend and wrote a report on the righthander's appearance. Toby's stuff is always worth a mention of course, but it doesn't hurt that he linked to my omnibus piece on Robles' from last Fall. I'm an easy mark for flattery.

With Santana's status in limbo, and Shaun Marcum's arm held together solely by duct tape (it was a part of a Mythbusters experiment), there might be one or two available rotation spots for Opening Day. Jeremy Hefner and Collin McHugh would be two of the candidates, but they are just taking it one day at a time, giving one hundred percent, and god willing they might get a chance to help the team win some ball games.

Yesterday at AA

Chris McShane's Make-The-Mets-O-Meter made it's 2013 debut for both the pitchers and the position players.

Eno Sarris discussed the negativity around Mets camp this week. We'll have more on this topic on this week's Amazin' Avenue Audio, which will drop later this week.

Rob Castellano had notes and analysis on Wilmer Flores, Jordany Valdespin and Matt den Dekker in his minor league round-up.

And Darren Oliver got the best of a basketball legened on This Date in Mets History.

Around MLB

In what can only be described as, "absolutely the correct decision," R.A. Dickey will start the United States' WBC opener against Mexico. Dickey be praised!

And from the "Lists That R.A. Dickey is Quickly Ascending" department, Beyond the Box Score takes a look at players that have accumulated most of their value after age 35.

Moving away from R.A. Dickey news (just for now, I promise), while some in the Rays organization may think that Wil Myers is "not a complete player" yet, Joe Maddon seems suitably impressed with the outfield prospect.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman broke his ankle while skydiving for charity.

PECOTA likes the 2013 Boston Red Sox, but probably still hates your favorite team.

Jeff Sullivan thinks that an agreement to play baseball between Kyle Lohse and the Texas Rangers might make a lot of sense.

And finally, looks like a Miami Marlins game broke out in Japan.