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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 10

Jeffrey and Rob discuss the 2013 Mets bullpen. Well, first they discuss who’s actually going to be in the 2013 Mets bullpen. Does Bobby Parnell have the closer mentality? (we know he has the closer facial hair) Who will be the second lefty out of the pen? And what arms down on the farm could contribute to the Mets relief corps sooner rather than later? Then Eno Sarris joins the podcast and talks about the changing relationship between fans and the media and why there is so much negativity in Mets camp right now. And hey look, we kept it under two hours this time!

Run Time: 1:38:11


0:00: This is where the podcast starts.

1:52: Who are the locks for the 2013 bullpen?

5:40: We don't have a problem with Joe Smith.

6:38: The 2012 bullpen vs. the 2013 bullpen.

12:12: Rob says: Don't spend on relief pitching.

15:20: Bobby Parnell and the closer mentality.

18:25: Major League Baseball is pretty self-selecting, you guys.

22:32: Jeffrey buries the lead w/r/t Bobby Parnell's beard.

23:40: Rob thinks we aren't talking about Josh Edgin enough.

30:15: Perpetual Pedro didn't look so good last year.

31:47: Rob breaks out a Donny Veal comp.

36:00: Bullpen arms of the future.

41:15: Jeffrey likes Jacob deGrom as a reliever. (sorry Toby)

45:23: Josh Satin Satan Watch

46:15: Jeffrey is easy to spot at games.

47:10: Jeffrey will buy a second Josh Satin jersey if the 51s would offer a custom one. (Get on it people)

48:30: Eno is a member of the establishment now.

49:45: The advantages of access.

51:20: Being a beat writer is a thankless job.

52:55: Jeffrey has been blocked since 2009.

55:10: How twitter has changed the relationship between fans and the media.

59:16: Eno is currently living a troll-free existence.

1:06:00: Adam Rubin made Jeffrey get hate mail.

1:06:35: The line between reporting and editorial is getting blurred.

1:12:15: "This isn't All The President's Men anymore."

1:16:20: Eno mentions Chuck Klosterman, Jeffrey bites his tongue.

1:19:00: The need for a bit of vigilance when dealing with twitter.

1:22:30: What should we expect from the people that cover the team?

1:24:40: Don't just read the stuff you agree with.

1:25:25: Eno doesn't believe Rubin's anonymous scout.

1:28:30: E-mail time.

1:29:55: If you e-mail Jeffrey about bowling, he will talk about bowling.

1:31:55: Cowgill vs. den Dekker if Kirk can't go.

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Don't forget to send us e-mail questions at and tune in next week when we'll discuss more Mets baseball assuming Jeffrey doesn't get distracted by Josh Satin or bowling.