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Jenrry Mejia Cleared To Resume Baseball Activity

It looks as if the spring may finally get underway for the right-hander

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

It's been an odd spring training for Jenrry Mejia. First, he was late getting to camp after issues with his visa and an investigation into his identity. After it was confirmed that he was who we thought he was, he then had to travel back to NY to have a thyroid condition checked out.

Luckily for both Mejia and the Mets, that thyroid issue doesn't appear to be serious. ESPN's Adam Rubin is reporting that Mejia has been cleared to resume baseball activity beginning tomorrow:

That's finally some good news for the Mets rotation, as Zack Wheeler, Johan Santana, and Shaun Marcum have all had their springs interrupted already. It will be nice to have Mejia available in case of need, as there aren't an awful lot of better internal options available to the Mets at the moment.