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Mets Morning News: Get ready for a snow day and dream of Giancarlo Stanton

New York Mets related news and links for April 12, 2013

Dustin Bradford

the Mets had Thursday night off as they traveled to Minnesota for their first ever game at Target Field. If they got a look at the stadium when they flew over, they'd have seen a bunch of people shoveling snow. The forecast today calls for snow and high temperatures just above freezing, so we may not see any Mets baseball tonight after all. That's the kind of news you hope for on the days of Aaron Laffey's starts, not the days Jon Niese is scheduled to take the mound.

The other big Mets news of the day came compliments of Andy Martino. Martino told us that the Mets front office would love to acquire Giancarlo Stanton, something which probably didn't need to be asked anyway. Martino also noted that the Mets are 'monitoring' Carlos Gonzalez.

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels took a look back at former Mets prospect Brian Cole. Cole would have been only 27 during the 2006 season, so it's hard not to wonder what might have been.

FanGraphs had some fun stuff about the PCL yesterday, looking at the top performers in the league. It's nice to see that Wilmer Flores ranks among the league's best young hitters, despite being very young for AAA.

Yesterday at AA

We had our daily look back at the day in Mets history. Happy birthday to whichever Bobby Jones turned 41.

Matthew continued to look back at This Week in Baseball, reaching episode 14.

Around Baseball

There was only a single game involving the NL East last night, and the Nationals managed to win it. Up next for them will be the Braves, in what should be a very fun series to watch.

The biggest news last night in the baseball world was certainly the fight between the Dodgers and Padres, an incident in which Zack Greinke suffered a broken collarbone. After the game, Matt Kemp and Carlos Quentin got into it again below the stadium. The differing views at Gaslamp Ball and True Blue L.A. were sort of fun to read.

The top young hitter in the PCL according to FanGraphs was Mike Zunino, and his presence certainly makes you wonder what the future holds for Jesus Montero.

Finally for today, we'll head over to Beyond the Boxscore where they looked at Ubaldo Jimenez using PITCHf/x.