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This Week In Mets Quotes: Horwitz "challenges" CM Punk, Maine wasn't a habitual liar, Duda got too excited

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets — and about them — over the past week. Here are some of our favorites.

Chris McShane

I’m pretty sure CM Punk threw out the first pitch, so that means he survived Jay Horwitz ‘bucky suit.’ Seriously, I’m lost on a lot of different levels

"Challenging @CMPunk to a steel cage match Friday at Citi. Will wear my Bucky suit. @WWE 's Punk will throw first pitch if he survives me." Jay Horwitz [Twitter]

I don’t care how early you show up, if you’re still hungover, it’s going to be a rough workday

"We were gonna take some extra BP today, we did it in the cage for quite a while, and Ike was the first guy there today. So one thing about it, he’s not satisfied with the way he’s started, and he’s trying to do something about it." Terry Collins [ESPN]

Sounds like my buddy explaining his last place fantasy team

"We’ve got a couple guys, hopefully they’re gonna start breaking out of it here pretty soon," Terry Collins [ESPN]

I wasn’t lying, I just sucked

"I was upset at that because I didn’t lie to anybody. They knew everything that was going on. They all knew. It was obvious. You don’t go from throwing 94 to 84 miles per hour. They knew my condition. I was 100 percent upfront about it; I didn’t lie about it. At the time it wasn’t so much pain, I just didn’t have anything." John Maine [New York Times]

His name is…(this is going to be a long season isn’t t)

"[Buck] got beat up a little bit last night -- a couple of foul tips ate him up pretty good. He could use a blow." Terry Collins [ESPN]

Right this is what I tell Buck…wait, oh come one that’s not what I meant

"This time of year, one of the only ways to get out of it is to get him in there. If he’s searching for his stroke, he’s not gonna find it in the batting cage, he’s gonna find it in game situations." Terry Collins [ESPN]

It’s a huge improvement from last year when he was doing the opposite

"Trying to keep things simple. I’m just trying to hit the ball solid and really not trying to do more." John Buck [ESPN]

Hard to feel bad being paid 3 mil to play a child’s game

"To tell you the truth, the last three games I've felt decent. It's gonna come. I feel good." Ike Davis [ESPN]

I think he’s talking about Yusmeiro Petit

"I just think he’s really growing into being a pitcher that everybody thought he was going to be. He's not overthrowing -- we all know if he wants to, he can go 92, 93 (miles per hour). He’s pitching at 90, 91, 89, because he’s locating, he’s trying to get the ball to move, he’s trying to move the ball around the strike zone, and that’s pitching." Terry Collins [ESPN]

But seriously, he can’t lead off

"[Baxter] takes a base on balls. If he was a genuine base-stealer, he’d be dangerous. You look up, and he’s got a .375 on-base. It seems like he’s on first base all of the time." Terry Collines [ESPN]

I’m old

"How could you not? You get the name ‘Doc’ for a reason. He’s going to be fine. He’s fun to watch. It’s pretty interesting that I watched him when I was growing up. Stepping into the batter’s box against him was pretty surreal. That was a fun matchup." Matt Harvey [ESPN]

I think he’s talking about whatever team Sandy trades him to but I’m not sure

"If I just keep doing what I’m doing, they can be surprised at the end of the year. That’s what I care about. Not right now." John Buck [ESPN]

Giving false hope to defensively challenged sluggers, it’s what good managers do

"The one game in spring training when we said, 'Do you care if you play first base?' [Duda] was all excited. Well, I don't want him to get that excited, because he's going to be the left fielder. We've got a first baseman here." Terry Collins [ESPN]

"…wait a second, baseball teams literally need a catcher… nice try Blue Jays"

"There were multiple levels [during the Dickey trade.] He mentioned that he wanted to make sure he had somebody to catch the knuckleball. So that was where the catching came in. And then we started thinking, 'Well, if we're going to trade them one or two catchers, because he asked for [Mike] Nickeas as well, it would be good to get a catcher back.' We know we're getting d'Arnaud. Buck was in it pretty much from the beginning. And then there was some talk about how do we work the dollars out." John Ricco [ESPN]