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Saturday Mets Mind Boggler: Mets with a home run in four or more straight games

Mets catcher John Buck's home run streak is among the best in team history.


Last night in Minnesota, John Buck hit yet another home run. It was the fourth straight game in which the veteran catcher had hit a dinger, a streak that's among the best in Mets history. If he manages to extend his streak to five, he'll tie the Mets' franchise record.

Buck's four-game streak of home runs is the twelfth streak of at least four games in team history. Can you name the other players who have done what Buck has done this week?

Can you name the Mets who have hit a home run in four or more straight games?

You'll have four minutes to complete the quiz. You only need to enter the player's last name in the box to submit a correct answer. No Met has ever had a multiple-home-run game in the midst of one of these streaks, so the "Home Runs" hint in the quiz is interchangeable with the length of each streak. Good luck, and please post your time and score (out of 12) in the comments!