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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position Players, Week 2

Rating the Mets' position players over the past week.

Confident fist bump.
Confident fist bump.
Drew Hallowell

Eleven games into the 2013 season, the Mets' offense has been surprisingly good. At 6.27 runs per game, the Mets lead Major League Baseball in scoring. Their .355 wOBA is second to only the Braves, but their park-adjusted 127 wRC+ is the best in the game. It is, of course, very early in the season, but success at the dish is a welcome sight.

Here's how each of the Mets' hitters performed over the last five games, from April 8 through 13.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Mike Baxter, OF Mike from Whitestone may not have played much, but he got on base at a .400 clip in his limited time.
John Buck, C One way to earn the green arrow while hitting .238 with zero walks: a four-game home run streak.
Marlon Byrd, OF With a very Scott Hairston .300 OBP and .579 slugging percentage, Byrd was just fine.
Collin Cowgill, OF The only upside to Cowgill's early-season struggles is that we don't have to hear "more Cowgill!" over and over again.
Ike Davis, 1B Would the real Ike Davis please come back soon?
Lucas Duda, LF This is the type of week that Duda needs to have to make up for his lack of defensive ability in left field: .357/.500/.857 with 2 home runs.
Daniel Murphy, 2B Easily the Mets' best everyday hitter through the first two weeks of the season, Murphy slugged .750 without even hitting a home run.
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF With barely any playing time, Kirk didn't manage to reach base. He should probably be getting regular work in Las Vegas rather than wasting away on the bench.
Anthony Recker, C He only came to the plate twice and struck out both times, which is the smallest of small samples. The player performance meter can be a cruel judge in such situations.
Ruben Tejada, SS Tejada wasn't spectacular and made some more defensive mistakes, but he hit well enough to offset those.
Justin Turner, IF It was just another ho-hum week of .900 OPS production from Turner.
Jordany Valdespin, OF He killed the baseball this week in limited playing time: .462/.500/.615. On top of that, he handled center field duties pretty well.
David Wright, 3B Although he has yet to hit a home run this year, Wright slugged .476 and put up a decent .348 OBP last week. Yes, the Mets have had an easy schedule thus far, but they've been successful without the best version of David Wright.