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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 16

Episode 16 is a little bit abridged, since the Mets haven't played all that much baseball since Episode 15, but Rob and Jeffrey still find time to check in with the Worst Outfield in the History of Baseball, complain about how Kirk Nieuwenhuis is being used, and discuss Jeffrey's trip to cold, damp Binghamton.

Run Time: 59:51


0:00- 3:12: Intro / Mets other than Doc who have worn #16 / Rob owns a custom Angel Pagan shirsey

3:12- 19:45: WOITHOB Talk / What are the Mets doing with Nieuwenhuis? / The Mets 25-man roster is wonky / Jeffrey complains about Justin Turner playing first base, and then Terry immediately starts Justin Turner at first base / The Mets bullpen hasn't sucked either

19:45- 28:10: Jeffrey went to Binghamton / Jeffrey complains about the weather in Binghamton / Things to do in Binghamton other than watch the B-Mets / We've underrated Erik Goeddel

28:10- 47:54: Rafael Montero is confusing / What kind of major league arm is Montero / Rob suggests a Tom Gordon comp / Jeffrey talks about Yusmeiro Petit / Grouping Mets prospects

47:54- 52:40: Rants about how teams treat minor leaguers

52:40- 59:51: Standouts in the field for Binghamton / Trying to avoid the explicit tag / Outro

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