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Mets Trade Rumors: Mets among possible suitors for Rangers' Julio Borbon

Mets could land speedy outfielder, reports John Heyman


John Heyman lists the Mets among teams interested in acquiring 27-year-old outfielder Julio Borbon from the Texas Rangers. The Rangers designated Borbon for assignment last week and have until 2 PM today to find a suitor before he can be claimed off waivers. The Orioles have been seen as Borbon's most likely landing spot, and the Astros also have interest, according to Heyman.

Borbon has only gotten one at-bat this season, and spent all of last year in Triple-A. In his 700-plus major league plate appearances, his OPS+ is a grisly 79. But his skills match well the Mets' needs for outfield defense and speed on the basepaths. The defensive metric UZR likes him in center field, and he has stolen 40 bases at an impressive 75% rate.

Here's what Rob Castellano said in his recent piece about Borbon and the Mets:

"But is [Borbon] a fit for the Mets? Well, his talent fits. There's a compelling argument to be made that Borbon is a better all-around player than any outfielder Terry Collins is currently running out there. The argument goes like this: Borbon's 1.7 WAR in his rookie season surpasses anything any current Mets outfielder has ever done, excepting an over the hill Marlon Byrd. Additionally, Borbon brings an element of speed that the club certainly lacks, and all signs point to Borbon being a very strong defender in center (ten runs saved in 2010). To boot, he still has three relatively cheap, cost-controlled seasons left before he hits free agency."

If Borbon isn't dealt and he hits waivers, the Astros will be in line to pick him ahead of the Mets, and the Mets will likely miss out on Borbon's services.