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This Week In SNY: Part Two, featuring Ralph Kiner, Keith Hernandez's jazz hands, and a Phillies fan who loves David Wright

A weekly look at the goings-on at SNY, the Mets' television home.

We're back for part two of This Week In SNY. Click here for part one, which ran yesterday. Let's jump right in:

Sunday, April 7th

The legendary Ralph Kiner made his 2013 season debut:


Ralph turned 90 years young last October. It's nice to see him feeling good and looking great. He offered praise for Giancarlo Stanton and suggested that if Stanton wants to be an elite power hitter he'll have to notch 50 home runs in a season. None of this weak 30 home run stuff. Ralph hit at least 40 home runs in a season five times and twice topped 50. It was a long time between visits to the booth for Ralph, and we hope he drops by several more times this season.

Sure, robot umpires would be better at getting the calls right but could they clean up garbage on the field like humans can?


Actually, the robots could probably do that too. Robots it is.

Keith had the day off but decided to stop by the booth in the seventh inning to surprise Gary and Ron with some jazz hands:


"Keith, we only wake you up for the important games."

Monday, April 8th

Even Phillies fans want to reach out and give David Wright a big fat kiss:


Let's check in with Kevin! SNY debuted a new screen graphic which informs viewers exactly what Kevin is talking about at that moment. Here is an example:


Kevin might get a little off topic from time to time, but it's rare when we can't decipher what he's reporting on. We predict this new graphic won't last, much like the Twitter graphic from two seasons ago:


The season is only a few weeks old and SNY has already started mailing in the Verizon Text Poll:


Ron Darling: Our next text poll -- is Matt Harvey going to be a good pitcher in his career with the Mets? Yes or no.

Last season, we noticed a ratty-looking bulletin board in the Phillies' booth:


The board is still there this season:


On a related note, it looks like the Phillies' booth is among the more cramped and uncomfortable that Gary, Keith, and Ron inhabit during the season. We would love to hear a discussion among the trio about the best and worst booths in which they work. Someone needs to ask that the next time "Ask The Booth" happens.

Wednesday, April 10th

This next item requires some background information. After the 2010 season, we wrote a half-serious post called "Mets-Related SNY Programming," in which we came up with ideas to bolster the underwhelming non-game SNY offerings. An excerpt:

I love game shows, especially those involving trivia. SNY's current trivia show Beer Money has run its course. It was intriguing at the outset -- a New York sports trivia show featuring the man/woman-on-the-street as contestant. But each contestant can only answer a maximum of three questions and there is no finale, like Jeopardy!'s Final Jeopardy and the eventual Tournament of Champions. Plus there is no vetting process for the contestants. It's frustrating to watch Big Johnny from Bayside, the self-proclaimed die hard Mets fan, fail to answer correctly something like "Who hit the groundball that went through Bill Buckner's legs?"

Enter the Stump The Schwab-inspired Get After Gary Cohen. Gary seems to have a Rain Man-esque memory of Mets history. Put him up against three contestants in a Mets trivia show, with an eventual championship between Gary and the best players from the multiple episode series. The exact format can be finalized at a later date. An initial entry test and personality screening take place before a contestant is put on-air. Big Johnny wouldn't make the cut.

It appears that SNY finally took the suggestion, albeit two-and-a-half years later:

We'll be expecting a royalty check in the mail. Here was the first question for Gary:


Gary knew the answer immediately (Joe Torre) and cockily added "that one's a bit of a layup." If done well, this has a chance to be a decent recurring feature which doesn't take away attention from the game for very long.

Friday, April 12th

We'll close with Kevin going to the bullpen to replace his winter hat. Before:


And after:


Voilà! Welcome back to warm(er) weather, Gary, Keith, Ron, and Kevin.

That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material. Have a great weekend.