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The Mets do the Harlem Shake

...two months late.

Because I'm sitting here in my annual second-day-of-the-season, mandatory day off lull with the Internet at my fingertips, I give you the Mets doing the Harlem Citi Field Shake.

Some thoughts:

  • Credit where credit's due: Jay Horwitz really sold out on this thing.
  • Slight breach of etiquette by Mr. Wright; you really have to ignore that dancer.
  • If you do one thing today, I implore you to watch the entrancing moves by a silver-suited Murph. Also, is his costume homemade?
  • Hell of a job by whoever picked up, by my count, no less than 35 mascot costumes for this. Serious question: Where do you find a couple dozen pro athlete-sized Pixar costumes anyway?
  • Best costume: Can I say anything other than Pikachu here?
  • Boo to Jeff Wilpon for going all 'I'm above this.'
  • Nice work by Dipsy, the green Teletubbie for nearly breaking out the Dougy.
  • The game I've been playing is to try to identify as many players in character as possible. Marlon Byrd is obviously The Hulk. Pretty safe to assume Ruben Tejada was Nemo. And I'm out.

Yeah, I'm sorry I posted this too.