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This Week In Mets Quotes: Mets love Long Island City, it was cold in Colorado, and Harvey's better

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets — and about them — over the past week. Here are some of our favorites.

Doug Pensinger

I think Bravo has a new reality show on their hands, ‘Baseball Wives’

"We all live in Long Island City together, we all live in the same apartment building — so it’s nice for the wives to be able to lean on each other." Leah Niese referring to living in the same building with KariAnn Gee, Megan Parnell, Tori Murphy, Karen Francisco, Diana Baxter and Molly Beers (future wife of David Wright) [New York Post]

No wait, how about ‘Amazin’ Wives’

"When the guys go for a long road trip, we can stay with each other, and we’re right there if we ever need anything." Leah Niese [New York Post]

I got it, "The Queens of Queens"

"Being in Long Island City is a lot easier because we’re not in Manhattan so it’s not crazy, but at the same time, we still have the city life one subway stop away." Leah Niese [New York Post]

I mean I guess this is a compliment

''It's like he made his 1,300th start the way he pitched out there. To be able to throw his other pitches like he does, hit spots, just all-around amazing.'' Marlon Byrd [Yahoo!]

Now that’s a compliment

"That seventh inning was his coming-out party. That was some big-boy shit right there." Marlon Byrd [New York Post]

But if you want cursing, you got to go with TC

"There are a lot of guys who say, ‘Hell yeah, [Harvey] is successful, look at the stuff he’s got, instead of saying, ‘Holy shit, I should be able to get more out of myself, I can’t throw that hard, but I should be able to pick my game up, too." Terry Collins [New York Post]

Oh great, nothing to worry about then

"When you’re pitching in Las Vegas, due to the ballpark, sometimes you overthrow just because you don’t want to get hit. Sometimes guys in those parks pitch away from contact because contact means danger in those little parks. The ball flies. Zack’s history is he doesn’t walk a lot of guys, so when I saw the six bases on balls there’s got to be a reason for it." Terry Collins [New York Post]

Negative kudos for Josh

"I made a bad pitch. I was trying to go away and it ran back in on me. Bad pitch — kudos to him, he hit it." Josh Edgin [New York Post]

It’s true good teams tend to outscore their opponent

"You get five against Gio, we've got to win that game. If you get some momentum on your side, we've got to find a way to go out there and put up zeros. And we weren’t able to do that. That’s what good teams do. They give up some runs, they find a way to get them right back." David Wright dropping knowledge [New York Post]

Murphy hearts Harvey

"I felt it was my duty to be the first one to thank [Harvey.] He really showed what kind of competitor he is. It was awesome." Daniel Murphy regarding Harvey getting out of an inning extended by Murphy’s error [New York Post]

Harvey hearts Murphy

"Those fielders work their butts off every single day and I appreciate [Murphy] coming up to me like that, but I envy those guys." Matt Harvey [New York Post]

I won’t use that as an excuse but it’s totally the reason

"The lack of scheduling shouldn’t be an excuse. But it was tough because it was tough to get into a routine." Jon Niese [New York Post]

Let’s be honest, it’s been a long couple of years

"It's been a long day." Terry Collins regarding the Rockies doubleheader sweep. [Yahoo!]

Really bad

"I was freezing to death. It's tough, tough to play in that weather but you have to play. It was a bad throw, a really bad throw. With that situation with the game on the line, it's a really bad error.'' Ruben Tejada [Yahoo!]

You might want to second guess that feeling that ‘the guys were going to make plays’

"I knew that all the guys were making the plays. I knew that I had to keep doing what I was doing, and the guys were going to make plays." Matt Harvey [Yahoo!]

Harvey’s better!

"Harvey’s better! Harvey’s better!" Mets Fans