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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 17

For Episode 17, Jeffrey decided to leave his main microphone in New York City, thus it sounds like he is on location in a small tile bathtub or something. Undeterred, he and Chris talk about the Harvey/Strasburg clash last week and muse about the Mets 25-man roster with the recent promotion of Juan Lagares. Then, Jeffrey discusses his no-good, very bad, horrible day on the Garden State Parkway before giving you the lowdown on Steve Matz, Gabriel Ynoa, and Brandon Nimmo. Finally, we wrap things up with your e-mails.

Run Time: 1:10:30


0:00- 5:18: Intro / Jeffrey's drink of choice / Chris likes fundies / Spencer Gifts is still a thing?

5:18-15:22: Harvey vs. Strasburg / Harvey vs. Dickey / Harvey vs. Galactus, destroyer of worlds?

15:22- 24:27: The rest of the Mets rotation: Not as good as Matt Harvey / Jeffrey may have missed on Jeremy Hefner / When is Zack Wheeler walking through that door?

24:47- 32:50: The Mets offense doesn't suck / Juan Lagares is here / So there are still six outfielders on the roster why exactly? / Dividing up playing time for the bench / Jeffrey can't remember who Chris Volstad is

32:50- 53:10 Jeffrey did not have a good experience on the Garden State Parkway / Jeffrey did have a good experience watching Steven Matz shove it / Requisite breathless Gabby Ynoa dscussion / Unintentionally sexual talk about Brandon Nimmo

53:10- 1:10:30: E-mails / Pitchers skipping Vegas / More unintentionally sexual talk about Brandon Nimmo / d'Arnaud, Wheeler and the PCL

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