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Final Score: Phillies 4, Mets 0 — Mets bats go silent in Friday night snoozer

Kyle Kendrick threw a three-hit shutout and Ryan Howard hit a three-run home run off Dillon Gee to lead the Phillies over the Mets.


The weather was nice and the game didn't drag on too long; that's about the best one can say about tonight's Mets game. The Mets' lineup managed just three hits -- all singles -- against Kyle Kendrick, who threw the second shutout of his career. Maybe all that time spent around Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee has helped Kendrick, who has given up two runs in 15 innings against the Mets this season.

Dillon Gee started the game for the Mets and matched Kendrick zero-for-zero through five innings. However, he gave up four straight hits to start the sixth inning, with the last one being a three-run home run by Ryan Howard. It was a long home run to center field, hit on a high changeup out over the plate. The Mets managed just one baserunner after Howard's home run. Gee struck out four and walked one in six innings of work.

Home plate umpire Brian O'Nora left the game in the first inning due to "flu-like symptoms." The game was delayed for about ten minutes and eventually first base umpire Adrian Johnson took over. If only the entire umpire crew could have had the flu tonight (get well soon, Brian O'Nora).

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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