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Mets Morning News: The Padres were way, way behind Harvey, I mean W A Y behind

I'm going to stop now. But not before I cover the news for the unbeaten New York Metropolitan baseball club

Mike Stobe

Meet the Mets

The Mets took one more step towards becoming World Champions of baseball with an 8-4 win over the San Diego Padres last night. Matt Harvey was disturbingly good at pitching despite the frosty evening, ringing up ten Padres batters and allowing just one hit over seven innings. Here's some video evidence of his utter filth. NotGraphs really should have sprung for an .xxx domain name for that post. The 2-0 Mets wrap up their series with the Padres today at 1 PM. Dillon Gee takes the bump for New York.

It was so cold last night that Keith Hernandez had to bust out his stylish camo gloves. SBNation noticed and complimented Keith on his keen fashion sense.

To the surprise of probably no one, Shaun Marcum will miss his scheduled Sunday start against the Marlins. Aaron Laffey will take his spot. For all the guff Laffey gets, he's been a fairly close to average major league pitcher when given opportunities, though nothing about those periphreals are pretty.

Mark Simon wrote that Harvey's 2013 wouldn't be quite like his 2012. Clearly he must have meant that it would be better.

Our friends over at The Classical examine the fleeting happiness of Mets Opening Day. Of course it's less fleeting when MATT FREAKING HARVERY starts game two.

Faith and Fear is raising a new generation of Mets fan. Poor, poor child.

And FanGraphs takes a look at the consensus prospect rankings for each of the NL East teams.

Yesterday at AA

Hey, you know what other season started out good like this one? David Moseder knows it's 2006. Just sayin'.

Steve Sypa looked at the Mets draft bonus pool for 2013.

And James K asked for your Matt Harvey projection for 2013. Spoiler Alert: You underrated him.

Around the NL East

Roy Halladay recorded nine of his ten outs by strikeout. That's good. But he only recorded ten outs. That's bad. Also, his fastball now contains monosodium glutimate. The Good Phight seems to be taking it okay...or maybe they are just in shock.

Marlins first run watch continues. No end in sight yet. Gio Gonzalez pitched a gem and added a home run, but he may need to work on his postgame quotes.

Fish Stripes did a PitchFx analysis of Ricky Nolasco, who you better know as the one Marlins starting pitcher you have heard of.

Around MLB

Let's take a quick tour of last night's more interesting boxscores:

The Diamondbacks and Cardinals played a five and a half hour marathon yesterday that mercifully ended with Cliff Pennington's walk-off single.

The Rays got all the fun of the walk-off without the seven extra innings, staving off an Orioles comeback with a Matt Joyce ninth inning bomb.

The Tigers pen looked shaky once again, so the Twins got to jump around home plate as well.

Speaking of looking shaky: Your 2013 New York Yankees! Probably didn't help that Hiroki Kurpda took a liner off his hand either. Has Ray Ramirez moved to the Bronx?

Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus debuted his new podcast yesterday, replacing the late, lamented Up and In. It's called Fringe-Average and features Mike Ferrin of SirusXM radio and 100% less fedora.

Jeff Sullivan basically gives me catnip with this collection of home-to-first times (gifs included).

Scott Kazmir: Met to the end.

Beyond the Box Score takes on the conventional wisdom that plate discipline improves with age.

We'll head back over to The Classical for one of the weirdest comps in baseball card history.

And Tomohiro Anraku, Japanese high school pitcher, threw 772 pitches in nine days, including a 200+ pitch outing. Frankly, that's criminal.